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Omega Replica Watches

The Pistol, the latest version of Omega Replica Watches is the first mechanical watch that allows the rate to be electronically checked at any time by simply pressing a button. Florian Gullert, who is responsible for engraving and Josephine Morf & Sylviane are in charge of the leather work.

Gullert, a gun engraving specialist,Patek Philippe Complications Replica said that engraving is a method of capturing the light. It bares metal and creates areas of shade. "The metal is forcedly worked, and that's what makes it so beautiful," he said.

The 43-year old master-engraver selected scrolls and arabesques to break up the rectilinear shape of the EMC. Austrian gun engraver had to use special tools on the steel case for the new EMC model to apply the traditional method.

Martin Frei, co-founder and chief designer of Omega Replica Watches, was in charge of creating the distinctive architecture of EMC Pistol. The upper surface of the case is satin-finished and has a minimalistic design. Its top part features raised engravings while its smooth surfaces highlight the lower dial section.

This abrupt change in style illustrates what we were trying to achieve: We wanted an object which was both solid and liquid. This almost baroque design gives our EMC, that appears uncluttered, a new level of strength. The engraving looks like that found on collector's firearms. The engraving is not dominant, but it adds the finishing touch to create the "wow effect".

I also mentioned Josephine Morf & Sylviane, who were responsible for leather work. They have designed five unique EMC Pistol straps. The leather strap of highest quality was produced in the small workshops of Place Simon-Goulart in Geneva's historic watchmaking district, Saint Gervais. It is made by the Portales Leather Company.

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